PISM Bengaluru is among the top colleges in Bengaluru today. An MBA is a steppingstone to C-suite positions in large businesses, as well as a valuable asset for aspiring entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 2018, the institute has left no stone unturned to provide professional and quality education in the stream of management. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we have made an indelible mark on the corporate and academic world and thrive today as one of the best colleges for MBA in Bengaluru 

Our objective is to prepare students with the necessary principles, skills, and characteristics to fulfill the industry’s changing needs. To attain the highest goals of personal and organizational growth, students receive education and training to help them become a balanced individual in terms of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. 

Our growth is dependent on innovation and creativity, and we devote all our resources to attaining these goals. Our students and professors are change agents who arouse curiosity and inspire new ideas and creative thought processes. Our MBA program will challenge students’ imaginations and visions while also enhancing their talents to adapt into the dynamic and competitive corporate environment. 

Master of Business Administration is a worldwide recognized degree that focuses on developing the hard and soft skills needed for successful business and management professions. By contributing youthful, vibrant, and confident people across disciplines, the abilities acquired through an MBA degree from a top MBA College in Bengaluru would aid in the development and strengthening of the economy. 

MBA is a highly sought-after postgraduate program in the world. PISM Bengaluru is amongst top MBA colleges in Bengaluru under Bengaulru North University. It provides a competitive advantage over other programs in commerce school and boosts career prospects and work chances. There are numerous options available after earning an MBA, ranging from top management positions to starting one’s own business. An MBA improves your business skills and prepares you for a specific sector of study or job. 

The PISM MBA program is divided into four semesters, with general subjects covered in the first year and specialty subjects in the second. In the second year, students must choose two areas of specialty (Dual Specialization). Dual Specialization has the advantage of providing you with a diverse range of professional options and the ability to correlate the tasks of several divisions within an organization realistically. 

The MBA Programme at PISM is affiliated with Bengaluru North University and recognized by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The Government of Karnataka also recognizes the course. 

PISM provides multiple areas of Specialization for MBA courses in Bangalore across Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups, Production and Operations Management, Business Analytics and the MBA course structure is made in a way that the students not only learn but imbibe the most important traits required to perform in a corporate world. 

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